The Floating World

by The Senseless

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Strapping Young Lad sharing happy pills with Morbid Angel, and giving the stale, listless, limp-dicked metal scene ten thousand middle fingers at 300bpm, heavy mental, the best death, beautiful punk-assed extreme music that isn't for extreme people


released February 18, 2012

Sam Bean - guitar, bass, vocals, all lyrics and music
Leon Macey - drums, mixing, mastering

additional performances from:
Lee McKechnie - backup vocals
Ol Drake - first solo in 'Far From Over'
Matt Wilcock - second solo in 'Far From Over'

Vocals engineered at Northern Sound Studios by Lee McKechnie
Mixed and mastered at Dreaming Studios


all rights reserved



The Senseless Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Caveat
Is a wake-up call
A call to arms
Get on the floor

Caveat Emptor
(We’re) going where no band
Has gone before
Track Name: In Our Hearts
To move me
All I need is a kick in the ass
And my tongue and my teeth are
To my whims

Hold fire
I propose
A sum of equals greater than our parts
If we’re gone tomorrow
I swear I’ll leave us something
In our hearts
Track Name: Amazing Pain
Amazing pain
How sweet the grind
Destroy a wretch like me
I’ve lost
Everything I ever found
And crawl back to the sea

I have no home anymore
I’ve lost sight of the shore
I do this for me
I do this for me
Brothers, I ask
what will I do for me?

Just another weak man
Trying to learn to be strong
No rhyme or reason
Not in this song
Senseless thoughts
I can’t be right, won’t be wrong
And brothers I ask what I will do for me

Floating on a mile of quiddity
Hands on deck
If I’m washed ashore
I have but one wish
Make it somewhere I ain’t been before

I’m going too fast
Too many voices
I do this for me
Not you
Have I ever
Told you
Track Name: Death To Metal
Let’s kill this party we started
Shrieking as real as a chick in cheap porn
Sweden and Florida should have your fucking royalties
Give them death

Death to metal

Two hundred riffs do not a song make
Watching these stoners live the cliché
I’m praying you dickholes ignore my band
We still blow you pricks away

Death to metal
There’s nothing you can do
There’s nothing you can say
I refuse
These silly games
Broken children
Stupid names

Don’t tell me about your pain
Entertain me, or fuck off
I’d kill and eat our heroes
But I like my meat fresh

Tin roof rusty!

you made the best songs ever
pulled giants from thin air
the underground hurdled by
zeitgeist with mascara and a haircut

these accolades should be yours
the fakes have passed off as their own
the great revolution that never was
now obscurity calls, stigma, and shame
Track Name: Walk
Were you there when the world caught fire?
When the smoke and the ash
covered everything we owned

The sky bright red, and the sun bled
With the shirt on my back
And a stereo in my hand
I walked

In a burning rain,
in the ash and pain
I was sure I’d lost everything
Three hours later
with the fire put out and the smoke cleared
Three hours
of freedom like I’d never known
With the shirt on my back
And my feet bare
I walked
Track Name: Magnificent
Be yourself
Searing, honest
Leading a singular life
We have
Past the mere need to survive
Be bold
Hand in hand with divinity
Laughter, ecstasy
The undraping of mystery

Only seven to go
Dance you Jezebel you
Let them fall

it was love, if love was sin
ten thousand lions scream their praise
I burn with hallelujahs
unto to my absolute last,

Track Name: A Good Old-Fashioned Head-Kicking
Seeking the violence
the fire in my gut is persistent
Seeking the violence
my face gives to fists a resistance

Scrub my eyes, strike me blind, whisper anything in my ear
Turn me off like a broken toy
Take my mind, take my soul, drop my body down a hole
Get me out of here

I’m the piece of the puzzle that ain’t right and I’m aiming for the front door
I need to get in a fight and I’m not coming back
Until I
Get my
Ass kicked

He said we’re going to hell
I said it’s the journey not the destination
The only light we see
Is behind the eyes when we get hit
I plan to bash my head against this wall until I see god
I’d feel panic if I could
But I can’t
Guess I’ll settle for manic

I need my ass kicked
I need a lobotomy
I need a hug
But really I need my fucking head kicked
Track Name: White Flag
When the siren sounds
And the doors are closed
Worked into the ground
And its time to go

With a golden watch
With a farewell show
I surrender
Heal my soul

When the siren sounds
And the curtains draw closed
And you know that you’ve travelled
As far as you can go

Sweep away the mandala
Put the bass back in the bag
Embrace the tabula rasa
And raise a white flag

When I’ve finally reached the end
a new horizon
my future shining black is all I see
I will raise the flag of surrender
and rejoice in my victory

Blow me away
my existence
No consolation
You’ll understand
One day to be erased
By god’s hand

all I make
is standing with my back to the sun,
tracing my shadow in the sand

to embrace tomorrow
you got to say goodbye to today
listen closely to the sea
it says the same things I would say
know your reasons
they’re singing inside the back of your head
let them free

All I make
Is standing with my back to the sun
Tracing my shadow in the sand
One day to be erased
By god’s hand
Track Name: Far From Over
My centre gives way
My right is pushed back
Surrounded by enemies, so I attack
We’re far from over
We’re taking what’s ours
I’m taking the eyes of the first one to blink
I’m taking us all way over the brink
We’re taking over and won’t be
The first ones to fall

The news of my death is exaggerated
You and me are now going nowhere cause
We’re far from over
Forever I’ll be your very own curse
I’m reaching up high to drag you back down
If you think you’re safe I’ll still be around
We’re on a path from which we
Will never return
Track Name: Let Me Sleep
I’m tired
I stopped caring years ago
Even rocks look like pillows
Operating on broken code
A screen of alerts
Eyes too dead to read
When I stare in the abyss
I see my alarm clock
Staring back at me

I tried so hard
To swing the fates my way
Cruel morpheus denies me
We got things in common, you might say
Nothing matters
Let me dive beyond my depth
And in the dark, disappear
I’m tired
Let me sleep

I’m tired
I’m so tired
All I need
Is air to breathe

I know that I could
Reach for the stars, and I would
Try, but for some rest
It’s all I need
Time and time and time (and time) again
my peace shattered

my brain
is off the hook
Like a great doctor
I too had a dream
then I woke up
and remembered
I was late for work

This new day’s dawning now
It’s someone else’s day
I’m yawning , I’ve had enough
I’m tired, so tired
Let me sleep

Let me sleep

No more games….no more walking…boring….No fun – for anybody…You are getting greedy. Act your old age. Relax – this won’t hurt
Track Name: The Floating World
I was thinking about you the other day
I had worked another night, seen another dawn
And I
wanted to say we had some good times
we had some fun
And we thought
these days would last forever

Flavour bursts inside my mouth
I remember the sunny day
the beer was cold, the sun was gold,
the sky was filled with temples
I still remember everything
how I tried so hard to say
even though we had places to go
these days would last forever
The people I’ve met
The places I’ve been
The stuff I’ve done
The things I’ve seen

If time’s one great loop
Not linear, like our senses
then I feel it’s safe to say
these days will last forever

We float here
When you’re here
You’ll float too

Crazy though it seems
I have a peculiar notion
We float above the world
Rotating slow motion
If you hold it in your hand
Will you drop it?
Put down your fist
Come on in, the water’s warm
I’m telling you
We won’t be missed

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