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In the Realm of the Senseless

by The Senseless

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You Love It 01:27
Now I'm happy and hopeless Now I'm ready to play I vow to roll with the punch and I will reign on today In this state Can I Love my Enemy In this state Something Is overpowering I'll take what the world throws at me And throw it back twice as hard I can do anything You fucking love it In this state Can I Love my Enemy In this state Something Is overpowering
Vacation 03:18
Life Oppression I work for hours every day Quitting was The best thing that I ever did I need a life I need vacation I need some shelter Life Is labour You must work til death they say But when I looked I found a better way I need a life I need vacation I want some vodka Now give me shelter No more five hours sleep every night No more loser workmates No more watching my life waste away
Unprincipled 02:47
Not here tomorrow I'm gone today I shun the crowd This rat won't race I'll drop my load I'll change my pace Unprincipled My plan for a better future, I'm totally Unprincipled So take this job and shove it Don't fall down Don't lose your feet Now smile
This is a song about feeling the way you do coming down off a big weekend of pain, the stomach is churning you're feeling the fear that comes as a result of an unbalanced brain Caning it hard with your friends is the best when the night is still young and you're still feeling fresh but the following week's a nightmare; a massive comedown and a hundred yard stare Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I'm tired, I'm so tired of feeling down, serotonin comes around, I've gotta get busy I need balls to get busy I need 100 percent of my time, quitting it now that's what I'm doing, that's what we're doing now we're doing it you know it When it all stops working being fun Well then I'll quit That is what I'd say Now I give up Go
Can't believe what I saw On TV the other day I saw a crowd go wild And they'd worship things they'd say Trash confessional Watching trash reach out Help me here I've no idea What this trash is all about What the fuck is wrong with everyone Does anyone have a fucking brain? You're worshipping a load of shit This world has gone insane Trash confessional Desire to be cleansed These people reveal things That I'd never tell my friends Oh Paris I beg you Where is the promised land? A saviour clad in Calvin Kleins Take my place at your right hand Unworthy Lord MTV I know that I'm unclean I'll never be as good as what I see upon the screen This world you hold in front of us, this world we'll never know We've been seduced wholesale by this smoke and mirror show So we go for what we can, Revolver, Saratoga, and Seven No smelling the roses on the path of life, we'll snort our way to heaven Heaven
Nothing Your life began with Nothing To naught you've grown We measure men by not the things they say but what they've shown Brave online boys Reality sorts them out I dare you to put it out there and show us what you're all about Nothing You useless fucking Nothing You have no choice Can you feel yourself getting sleepy? Listen to my voice Look at all you tough guys Look at your sad tough guy act You love to say don't fuck with me But it's time to face a fact: You're Nothing Sometimes don't you wish you were free To do something great instead of sending shit to me? Nobody knows, nobody cares, we don't owe you a thing We'll dedicate this song to you It's called Nothing Now rise, glory spoiled Generation waste Time to fake lordship Know Your Place Peasants You have no worth You're all scum Get off my earth Borrow a pistol off a gun buddy, hang yourself, rid the world of your evil fucking presence Kill yourself Now, back to the music
Promise 02:47
Smile hah You little boy Think you can save a dying race? Smile, saviour, smile From your soapbox, piece of cake A slide rule In your hand A flower in you hippy hair Does anybody listen? Do they even fucking care? That was dad, full of hope For a hopeful hopeless son A prince of promise A loaded gun I thought that I could change the world He smacked me in the fucking face "Think you can save a dying race?" Closest thing I felt to grace What I learned to be good and true In sun, soil, shit and piss on the street It's ruin or rot by any degree Highs come cheap and lows come free Beware my brutal brand new fist A whoreson's ear, jacks and cord I can land it like a kiss Or a fucking sword
Wreckage 03:16
We were right inside you We were with you all the way We live for tomorrow Hush now it's OK We know they didn't want us But whether right or wrong Our cause is righteous Behold, we're now kings of fake Who spun our way into hearts and minds We fell vicious, pleading, our cause unheard by Deaf ears and Mocking bitches We sleep then wake up as bad guys This sleeping dog no longer lies We're waiting for the day and then How we'll miss you In the land of dust and flies Is hope, disaster, rot, and lies Look them in the eye and say How we'll miss you Craziness and double thought Ruled by morons no longer I had a dream he said How we'll miss you The morons overstayed I know we'll find a better way I'm kidding when I say How we'll miss you
Evilicious 02:15
Now it's time for us to feel the hate I'm going to name every fucking name It's illegal to do this in a song My balls are huge so I don't give a fuck Find this bitch <name removed> Saw her legs off send me the photos For her death I'll pay three thousand straight That ---- ripped me off for thousands These people all have it coming to them Don't feel worried when you sort them out We'll mark their passing by clinking our glasses And laughing like this: Ha ha A prick called <name removed> works for the <name removed> A slag called <name removed> who worked at <name removed> A tour manager called Woody from the United States <name removed> from <name removed> tours <name removed> from Melbourne must die <name removed> in Sydney is full of bastards Kill them, burn their company down Burn them all now
Hear me now in praise of murder Hear me now in praise of pain Hear me now abandon reason Hear me and believe me That I want to see you dead Suffering What you get you will get back From another With interest Now pay in full Did you think there'd be no consequence you motherfucker? Death to the mundane No bomb is big enough Seething world of useless people Burn them sweep the ash away Mindless, hopeless, awful, feeble Make them suffer, make them pay Time to reverse evolution Revert to a world of fishes Cleanse the world of life Suck the eyes out of their head "Here we are at the same point again where you, the peon masses, can once again ruin anyone who tries to do anything because you don't know how to do it on your own. That's where we're at. Once again, the useless waste of flesh that has ruined everything good in this goddamned world. That's where we're at." I want to be the fist punching the world in the face I want to be the one exterminating all life I want to kill every person in the world I want to be the abortionist's knife "Kill them all, the experiment didn't work Wash this waste of flesh and bone off this planet I pray to you god to kill these fucking people" 5 billion executions and counting Our destiny is to consume each other Mother, brother, sister, lover I swear to god There is no god No bomb is big enough
Happy did we run through fields Happy did I find her Happy did we both join hands and jump in the meat grinder Happy did we mince ourselves Mince ourselves together We are now dim-sims And we're happy now forever No more evil lyrics, this hate's a fallacy so No more words about "the blood of my enemies' To know me's to love me, these things that I say Are in jest, believe me when I say Everything's OK Everything's OK


Debut album from The Senseless
Originally released 2007
All CDs sold out


released March 24, 2020

Sam Bean: all guitars/bass/vox/programming
Luke Kenny: Mixing
Russ Russell: Mastering
Ol Drake: solo on 'Promise'
Matt Wilcock: tapping on 'Crippled Trash'
James Da Costa: lyrics on 'Promise'


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The Senseless Adelaide, Australia

Solo band of Sam Bean from The Berzerker, The Antichrist Imperium, and Werewolves. Extreme happy metal. Punk and progressive. 300bpm and house music. Precise and sloppy. Senseless. Does not make sense.

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